Why Everyone Needs A Crystal Ball


*GASP* but…. Aren’t Crystal Balls for Witches and Fortune Tellers?

Well, they’re not not.

Crystal balls (not unlike tarot cards) have been depicted in movies and tv over the years as occult freaky deaky thing that we should all be very skeptical of. The truth is that they are tools simply used for divination!

“K, but that still sounds weird af” I hear you thinking. I get it. I used to be like you and believed that these things were off-limits and reserved for hippie-dippie people dripping in scarves and reeking of Nag Champa. Ironically, I am now those people.

What I learned once I was able to face my misplaced skepticism is that divination is really about tapping into your intuition or inner wisdom. There is no magic dust or ominous hand waving required.

Still confused? You’re not alone! Dictionary.com (my gospel) seems to have a few different ideas of the term divination:

1. the practice of attempting to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by   occult or supernatural means.
2. augury; prophecy:
3. perception by intuition; instinctive foresight.
Let’s back up for a moment and then I’ll tell you why I think that everyone deserves their own crystal ball.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Bologna Mineral Show at Unipol Arena and man was I ever impressed (and simultaneously overwhelmed).

It was hands down the largest mineral show I’ve ever been to. Rows upon rows of shiny display cases, and rocks – miners and hippies alike rejoiced!

What I liked most about this show was that unlike some other gem shows I’ve been to in the past, it had an underlying educational purpose. It featured interactive exhibits for children on mining, an impressive collection of stones mined from Sicily (or better known here in Italy as Sicilia) and quite a few knowledgeable people keen to share. For example one vendor was kind enough to give me a lesson on how to distinguish sodalite from lapis lazuli (we’ll save that for another day).

So it was here, at this very gem show where I purchased my first ever crystal ball! I spotted it laying inconspicuously in a row of 3 balls,  held it up to the light and saw that it was relatively clear and slightly flawed – I loved it instantly. It was the only gem I bought for myself this day.

little ball
Look how cute it is! It’s probably about an inch in diameter but it’s not the size of a crystal, it’s how you use it (badaboom!)

PSST! Beware that depending on where you are sourcing your crystal ball, there are some dishonest folk who will pass off regular ol’ glass as quartz. It helps to know this beforehand because these balls aren’t cheap so you want to make sure that you’re getting the real deal!

It’s quartz if..

  • it’s not perfectly clear – there will be some inclusions or flaws almost certainly
  • you put the ball up to your eye and see speckles or dots that are irregularly shaped

On my way home from the show I pulled my new crystal ball out on the train to look at it and the woman sitting next to me said to me “it’s beautiful!” in english. In Italy. Fellow expats know that this was an omen in itself.

The first thing people were asking me (obv terrified) when I told them I bought a crystal ball was, what are you going to do with it? I said in truth, I really don’t know!

I’ve read a little bit about scrying which is basically staring into a crystal and letting your mind wander until new thoughts or ideas come to you. This is sort of what we are seeing with the sensationalized fortune-teller.

Clear quartz on its own has become an overnight hipster obsession with it being endorsed (read exploited) paradoxically in the most unexpected of places (Kimmie K I’m looking in your general direction…) but it’s all good! Crystals can be appreciated by and helpful to anyone. Crystal healing is inclusive yo!


While writing this article I learned some pretty fun facts about crystal quartz balls – the earliest use of the crystal ball recorded was by the Druids and the Scottish Highlanders. They referred to them as the “stones of power.”

For me, I know clear quartz as an energy amplifier.

Crystals (or gems), aside from being beautiful to look at, hold energetic vibrations that can magnify a feeling, an experience, a desired manifestation or simply bring you comfort depending on what you need and how you choose to use them.

I intend to write a bunch more about this in the gems section of this very blog so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in learning more!

Recently, I learned that the shape of a gem can impact the vibes it gives off. I was curious about the sphere shape given the choice for fortune-teller witchiness. It turns out that the sphere shape allows the crystal to spread its vibes evenly in all directions creating harmony, peace, and balance. I’ve since placed mine on the windowsill with a few other gems in hopes that I can magnify their vibes!

So… why do I think everyone needs a crystal ball?

Well, I’m a firm believer that we have in us, a lot of good vibes and power that we can harness pretty effectively just by paying a bit of attention. I believe the crystal ball to be a catalyst for that focus and ability.

There are heaps of articles about how to use crystal balls and how the different types can affect your living space / environment positively. A couple of my favourites are below:

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What is your experience? Are you game to challenge the crystal ball stigma? Let me know your thoughts below!